Prima Magento theme though considered to be just the theme is more than usual template that is made for Magento. There are many other templates, which are made for Magento, and they all make something different with this e-commerce platform, however, it is Prima theme that can create something really unique and different. This theme is designed for Magento, so it contains all features, which are vital for successful e-shopping. Furthermore, this theme is designed to provide optimal security of all sensitive data, which can be stored on site.


Prima Magento theme is made by designers with all recommendations, which are designed for all site-developers, which create themes for Magento. It means that all themes are created with strong preservation of all regulations and requirements which guarantee that these themes will work effectively with Magento. Prima Magento theme is mentioned to be the most effective theme for Magento and developers constantly enhance it to add more specific features to its structure to get more performance, more possibilities for customization and promotion of site based on Magento with Prima theme.This theme uses the CSS3 technology and Bootstrap making this theme modern and effective due to application of all modern technologies. This strategy allows developers implement the most modern things, which can provide all possibilities to create optimal site design and usability features, which are necessary for site creation.

Magento itself – great ecommerce platform, but with good theme it becomes flagship of e-sales with all its functionality, peculiar to Magento features and performance.

Video about Magento theme Prima:


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Flat vs material

Some site owner cannot decide what design type to use, because material was used prior to flat and customers liked it, however now with internet development, creation of new visions about site design, customers changed their liking to flat design. And one cannot identify what design type is much better, as they are effective enough to live.



This type of design was produced in trying to imitate the real world concepts. Since Windows XP we’ve seen the design for buttons “OK”, etc., which have appearance similar to real buttons. They casted shadows, had 3D-pictures with all related issues. Screen keyboard had appearance like real keyboards. All these things tried to imitate the real concepts. And it was attempts to create on the screen something that we all se in real world. Sites’ designs also inherited these features and used them in web design.

Shift to flat

However, the issues, which forced people to look for some substitution of material, design inoperability via mobile users. Touchscreens and mouse had problems with application of all these buttons, as this design was created just to imitate the real world things, without thinking of the usability.

Flat Design

This design directed backwards. It is designed to provide the simplest elements, and all three-dimensional things are absolutely eliminated to produce absolutely flat design. All casting shadows, gradients, are no longer used in this design. This design is made all about icons interplay, color features, typography. All these things create much comfortable design for alldevices. It provides optimal usability instead of material design based on the appearance. However, even with flat design, site developers try to create something unusual and wonderful like the designers in material did.

Flat design priorities

Considering the priorities in flat design, it is focused primarily on functionality instead of appearance. Simplicity, using of the texts and icons instead of 3D pictures are main features peculiar for flat design. Omitting to use hard for processing pictures, usage of flat design can substantially decrease load time and all things are much easier to fulfill and comprehend both for users and developers. Application of flat design features result in reaching the reliable user experience and satisfaction of all their usability needs.

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